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Urgent! Demand coverage for cystic fibrosis medications for Canadians who are desperately hoping for healthier days.

Join thousands of supporters taking action across Canada.

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Right now, hundreds of Canadians with cystic fibrosis can do nothing but wait and hang on to hope while their health deteriorates. Their doctors have prescribed cystic fibrosis drugs that could help them live healthier days and longer lives, medications approved for use by Health Canada. But provincial governments are refusing to pay for them. The people who need those medications are getting sicker by the day.

Tell provincial governments how wrong that is. Tell them it’s time they gave public coverage to cystic fibrosis medications that could change lives. Demand a public healthcare system that truly provides care for everyone. Give more than hope. Speak out now.


“We never want to not be able to give Penny the medication she needs because we can’t afford it.”— Stefanie

“We never want to not be able to give Penny the medication she needs because we can’t afford it.”— Stefanie

If you’re prescribed a drug that can improve your life, you should be able to access it. But only 60 percent of treatments for rare disorders are ever approved in Canada and that often happens up to six years later than in the USA or Europe. That’s not good enough.

Medication changes everything for people with cystic fibrosis.

It gives parents like Stefanie more than hope for a life without limits for her 14-month-old daughter Penny. It gives them more than hope their children will see all their dreams come true.

Change everything for people who need access to the right medications. They need more than hope. They need your voice.

Better breathing. Healthier days. Longer lives. More time doing things that have nothing to do with cystic fibrosis. That’s what the right medications can do. Fight for all of those things for people with cystic fibrosis. Fight for everything they hope for by giving more than hope. Tell the government it’s time to step up and take care of Canadians waiting for the medications they need to improve their health.




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