Go further to end the wait! Sign the petition and tell the province to fund life-saving drugs.
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Ask the government to give Canadians access to life-changing CF medications

Join thousands of people and their loved ones making a difference across Canada.

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Tell your province to cut the red tape and make CF drugs available for everyone who needs them. Act Today!


Life-saving cystic fibrosis drugs Orkambi and Kalydeco have been held up by provincial governments for years. Without your help today, access to the miracle drug, Trikafta, could soon be delayed by the same red tape.

Canadians living with cystic fibrosis have waited too long for these drugs that could transform their lives. They are available in countries around the world, but not here. Every day that passes without access to these medications means more sickness, hospital visits or even death. That’s why we’re asking supporters to sign our petition and tell your province to make CF drugs accessible now!

Help us reach our goal of 40,000 signatures. Critical decisions are expected by government bodies this summer that will impact access to Trikafta in Canada. Sign your name to tell your province that you believe life-saving drugs should be immediately added to the public drug plan for everyone who needs them.

Go further today for more moments like this tomorrow.

We can’t let the transformational drug Trikafta face the same delays as the other CF medications. Trikafta could help 90 percent of all people living with CF in Canada. A recent study showed that if we can get access to Trikafta this year, children born today with CF could live nearly a decade longer. Canadians have waited long enough!

We need your help to end the wait.

Our CF miracle drug, Trikafta, is finally approved by Health Canada. This means that doctors can now prescribe it to patients. But access is unfortunately not that simple. Trikafta is not accessible to those who need it until it is funded by provincial drug plans. 

Join Cystic Fibrosis Canada supporters from across the country and tell your provincial government to make CF drugs accessible now. You can help save lives. Sign the petition today.

Go further to end the wait!



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